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…and the NEW!!!

August 26, 2008 Leave a comment

hottest chick in the game!!!

everyone who knows me, knows how I feel about one Cassandra Ventura. I cant even type too much right now because its stopping me from watching this video again. Shes the baddest. I’m going to tell you how much i like Cassie, I’m not even going to hate on Lil Wayne in the video messing everything up.


I Just Had My Heartbroken….

February 29, 2008 Leave a comment

But don’t fret, because I think that I am in love again already… Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you Cassandra Ventura aka Cassie


Here are some thumbnails from an outstanding spread in next months GQ magazine… Shoot over to their site and check out the article, after you look at the pictures, and watch her videos… and you know… yeah…


My future ex wife used to be a model for Ambercrombie and Fitch so wearing just about nothing and having pictures taken of herself is nothing new… plus she has a “no regrets” tattooed on her body… Oh my, i was kidding when i said I was in love earlier, but now I think I really am… Watch out Puff!

This is good to work out to