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Happy Birthday Beyonce

September 5, 2008 Leave a comment

September 4 is a good day… Happy birthday Bey… as good enough a reason as any to show some Beyonce!


Life is GOOD for Jay Z

April 3, 2008 2 comments


One of my sayings in this world has always been, “It must’ve been nice being Frank Sinatra.” Well, i think i am almost to the point where i can change that saying to, “It must be nice to be Jay Z.” On the heels of the marriage license news getting out, word around the campfire is that there is another major collabo on the horizon for Hov. Live Nation, who has broken off mega stars with major chips recently, is looking to CTC for Jay Z. In a deal similar to what was given to Madonna and U2, Live Nation will partner with Jigga and will have a stake in every aspect of his career. In addition to a reported $25m upfront signing bonus, Jay will receive an advance of $10m per record for a minimum of three albums, as well as Live Nation also expected to commit $50 million to finance Jay-Z’s investments and his entertainment venture, to be called Roc Nation. Roc Nation will most likely include his own record label, music publishing, talent consulting and managing projects. It’s over for these cats that want to hate on Jay, I can’t even listen to these mad rappers anymore, no… seriously, Jay Z won


Oprah’s a Beast, but in the good way… part 2

February 6, 2008 Leave a comment


One of Forbes annuals list is the valuation of the top earning black celebrities. O dot has the number one spot because between June 2006 and June 2007, Winfrey, 54, pocketed $260 million. That astonishing salary–it works out to some $712,000 a day–crowns her not just the nation’s top-earning African-American, but also the highest-paid entertainer in Tinseltown, black or white. Check out the top ten list right herre…

1. Oprah Winfrey $260 million
2. Tiger Woods $100 million
3. Jay-Z $83 million
4. 50 Cent $33 million
5. Kobe Bryant $33 million
6. Shaquille O’Neal $32 million
7. Michael Jordan $31 million
8. Will Smith $31 million
9. Beyonce $27 million
10. LeBron James $27 million

I don’t know if I necessarily can believe this list allt he way, because Magic Johnson should be somewhere in here. Plus, didn’t fiddy make like $100 off of that vitamin water deal. I think that came after the cut off date, so next year will probably look very different. One thing that will remain the same though, Oprah at number 1

More Jay Z news

January 5, 2008 Leave a comment


As being rumored damn near everywhere, Jay Z might be starting a record label with Apple. Now, I am a huge J fan, and this is the reason why. There have been rumors about this for more than a year now, starting with speculation a while back about him and Beyonce being fed up with the deals and labels that they are on. It is obvious to all that the “record industry” needs some help. The music business is doing fine, but the obviously record sales continue to decline. Most artist are just putting out albums almost as advertisement so that they can go on tour and make a ton of money off that. Apple has made and absolute mint off of iPods and the iTunes store, and there is a history of beef there between the record labels and Steve Jobs. These rumors definitely have been fueled by the fact that Jay left his post as the president of Def Jam after his contract didn’t get renewed to the terms he wanted, but this just seems to make too much sense. The only hiccup I can see is that Jay still owes DJ one more record under his recording contract, but given that he put out American gangster in about a month, seems like that isn’t going to be a problem. I for one would applaud a move like this, because everyone loves music, and we need a change in how things are getting done.

In other Jay Z news, 40/40 in Vegas opened New Years


and it looked like quite a party.


and quite a spot

bigscreenbar.jpg sports-book.jpgbooth.jpg

couch.jpg viproompooltable.jpgviproom1.jpg

with quite a crew of VIP party-goers

drj.jpgchuck4040.jpg lebronwifey.jpggarypayton4040.jpgthickeness.jpg

I like Dr. J’s style, a cigar and some henny, not bad, and we know the Thicke’s can party with the best of them

The craziest thing about all of this is that the NY Post is saying that the reason Jay left DJ is because he is wanting to focus on his business ventures exclusively, which includes the planned J Hotels and potentially five more 40/40 clubs. Right now he has the Midas touch, so whatever he is doing is looking like it will turn out just fine. Good for him!

I Like Your Style

December 5, 2007 Leave a comment


Jay playing it easy celebrating his birthday in Hov style this year. People magazine says,

“The two spent a leisurely day inside their hotel suite, and at one point, Knowles hit the hotel’s luxurious spa. As evening fell, the couple took a Maybach limo for a romantic drive around the City of Light before settling down to an intimate dinner upstairs at popular restaurant L’Avenue.

Afterward, they pulled up for the late show at the Crazy Horse cabaret, where they sipped champagne and watched the cast run through the club’s new “Forever Crazy” revue.”

Compared to last years bday this sounds pretty chill. For the record, I would take either. My last birthday was pretty cool too. I flew in had my peeps meet me at a pub, and we got slizzered

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