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Tuesday Links

August 26, 2008 1 comment

I don’t know if you know it but Team USA won the gold medal in men’s basketball.

They are not the Dream Team, lets just stop calling ANY team that. In case you missed it here is a good program called Road To Redemption that aired on espn. You can get the stream here; they should make it available for purchase, I would like to have this

I love Microsoft and all but this is a really bad idea. Wi-Fi in cars!!! Great idea in theory but the execution , i just don’t know about. How about they work on getting voice recognition text messaging. you know what… write that down!

This is sooper obvious, people are getting paid to study shit like that? Beer Goggles do exist

These NBA cats wont be going broke any time soon. At Northwestern university, the High Growth Entrepreneurship Program (HGEP), an MBA-like seminar for players who want to expand their business acumen for life after basketball. My question is, why are there only 7 guys there? Jeez! You think this couldn’t have helped Spree? or Jason Caffey-well maybe not Jason Caffey

funny throwback clip of Harold McCoo


Insaine Bolt

August 21, 2008 Leave a comment

There s just something not fair about this. You shouldn’t be 6’5 and this fast. Why the hell isn’t he lining up running fly patterns for USC or something? How would you like to be this guy, he is unbelievable. The best thing is… he likes to coast in the end of his races, jeez!

19.3, are you kidding. I remember when MJ ran the 19.32 and I thought that was the greatest I have ever seen someone run, not tonight!